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WWW sites When to check Content Notes Special Instructions
Priority source/high content turnover -- Daily updates
BBC News Sci-Tech [UK] both; check morning of posting scroll down to subcategories also also check World Regions for people/cultures stories
Archaeological News 
Archaeology Mag. - current news
   main sources for Archaeol./Paleo.  updated daily; be selective
New York Times Science & Health  Tuesday am.; daily as times allows  -- Site requires free registration (Ctrl-F) Tuesday is major Science coverage
Planet Ark/Reuters [Australia] both; check morning of posting -- daily updates early (from Australia) Monday's news may have appeared previous week in other Reuters sources.
Nature News  [UK]  check morning of posting    daily
Science Daily Early & Late Research news -- be selective [duplicates EurekAlert to great extent]
Mountain West News   posted 9 am Mountain time    links to env. news stories on the Rockies+ -- M-F; find links to previous week under recent editions on right column.
Daily Sightline formerlyTidepool   updates at 8 & 9 am. PST  check only if early in day  good sci/env. coverage from Pacific NW & nationwide -- find links to previous days on calendar in right column
Collating sites -- frequent updates (useful for quick check on recent news)       top
Yahoo Science Wires and Full Coverage  both; check morning of posting  --  originating link is Reuters; see also AP and AFP; also scan full coverage for current posts
ENN daily updates -- may duplicate other services; e-mail service
TerraDaily       good for weather/nat. disasters. Has AFP.
Check weekly -- high priority       top
Science Mag. Online and ScienceNOW  Check Friday am.   Full text of Science Mag. available only to users on the NGS network. ScienceNOW stories available to the public for one month from publication.
Important Sites with fewer updates       top
Christian Science Monitor daily links to past five editions restored to left-side of print edition page; you can sign up to have headlines delivered via e-mail.      
Live Science      
National Geographic News
see also:
Universe Today
Red Orbit
CNN Space
 Early & Late, as time permits  -- good space coverage
L.A. Times Science/Environment Early/Late look for articles of regional or national interest Site requires free registration. First to post AP Science stories, but prefer links that do not require registration when available.
Washington Post     Site requires free registration.
Technology Review      
MSNBC News   Early/Late  Includes wire stories in their entirety, sometimes with supplement.  
ABCNews   Early/Late  Includes wire stories in their entirety, sometimes with supplement.  
WWF Newsroom       
IUCN News       good coverage of international conservation
BrightSurf (NEW)  check AFTER other sources, as needed    BACK problematic
Adventure/Exploration -- for news search tips, -- use for 'fishing' by keyword       top       
Google News search       can sort by date to find latest adds
Alta Vista News search   set date to last 7 days    use if Google unavailable
Expedition News     Updated Monthly
Peoples/Culture sources            top
BBC World Regions:
Africa -
Americas - Asia-Pacific - Europe - Middle East - South Asia
check once per posting session    
including Radio Expeditions
 audio files  Click here for program availability & posting schedule.  Radio Expeditions may have several parts.
Cultural Survival   New!    weekly indigenous news stories (subscribe to email alert); also quarterly Voices and
CNN Regions:
Asia  -- Europe
Time Regions:
Asia -- Europe -- Pacific -- Canada -- U.S.
 weekly, as time permits    
VOA News
- Africa - Americas - Asia - Europe - Middle East
AAG SmartBrief      
Check weekly or less -- low priority      top
Science News early ed. -- Published on Sat.; look at Selected Full Text articles
ScienceNow       daily updates (incorporates Daily InScight)
Great Lakes Region enews       
IOL Sci/Tech      South Africa - incl. environ.
Scientific American      daily; but usually duplicates other news sites
Sydney Morning Herald - Environment       
Earthwire Africa       daily overview of environmental news from 14 countries in southern Africa selected from 40 newspapers.
 Newspapers with search for/full text of previous articles            top
The Guardian
The Independent
Financial Times
The Telegraph

New Zealand Herald (6 mos.)
StraitsTimes (7 day search/browse)
Sydney Morning Herald
(10 day - browse only)
Times of India (30 days at least) National Post (60 days)
Globe & Mail
USA Today
Chicago Tribune (7 days; req. reg.)
Sun Sentinnel (7 days)
Rocky Mountain News Anchorage Daily News
Oregonian Idaho Statesman
Sacramento Bee Arizona Daily Sun
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Press-Enterprise Durango Herald
Fed. Govt. Agency Press Releases -- check if relevant and timely      top
Today@NASA NOAA USGS Census Bureau Interior
NPS USFWS NSF State Dept DipNote Blog
Magazines check monthly -- time permitting (new material usually posted mid-month)      top
Earth Magazine (formerly Geotimes)     mag. monthly; weekly updates  selected articles and news
Smithsonian Mag.    monthly  includes link to full text in pdf
Outside Mag. -- monthly --look for substantive articles; also adventure news
News by e-mail alert              top
Moreover enviroment news and science news  --  --  links open in new window; sign up for daily e-mail service at and (plug your e-mail address into the box "your e-mail here" above Get these headlines by email on the left-hand side.)
Christian Science Monitor   Sun - Thurs.    Sign up for headlines and/or science/environmenal news (but this will miss the culture stories)
New Scientist daily updates may need to enhance news titles via weekly e-mail service; now only news avail. on web site
Grist   daily    e-mail service daily or weekly
ENN daily updates; e-mail service
Policy precludes linking -- DO NOT USE      top
Science Week DO NOT USE -- --

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